water department

Meter Change out program: We changed out 100 meters, starting with the ones most difficult to read and the oldest in the System  


Well failures:  Yes we have had a few, two at the PRTK well alone, two pump failures that were predicted by me using constant monitoring and trouble shooting methods.

Our customers never knew we had an issue. 


Water quality testing: Monthlies, Quarterly’s and Annual’s are all current and in compliance with all  of our Regulatory  agencies  ADEQ , ADWR, AWWA.


Consumer confidence reports: These annual reports have been completed and accepted by ADEQ. This report gives our customers all of our water quality data collected during the previous year.

Department Head

Robert Rippy


Phone: 928.472.7752

Fax: 928.472.7795

Email: rrippy@starvalleyaz.com

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