The Hashknife Pony Express passed through Star Valley Wednesday afternoon, drawing loud cheers from residents and visitors gathered at the B. Diane McDaniel Memorial Community Park. Town Mayor, Council, and Staff put on the third annual Pony Express Experience at the Town’s park to celebrate the annual Hasknife ride. Hamburgers, hot dogs, home-made sides, and a variety of  treats and beverages were provided by the Town and through donations by Safeway, Inc. A special thank you goes to General Manager Dan Dillon of Safeway for facilitating the donations. Another thank you goes to Roy Haught of Roy Haught Excavating, Inc. for grilling, and Becky O’Connor, Council Member Barbara Hartwell, and Council Member Paty Henderson for providing the side dishes. The event was fun, the food delicious, and the horses fast! We hope to see you all gain next year.


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