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Several entities provide utility services to the Star Valley area. While the Town provides water service to about 365 residents and business within Star Valley, you may be on a private well. Contact us to confirm we provide your water or navigate to the Water Department of this site to establish service (here).

Town of Star Valley Water

Star Valley Water Service
Phone: (928) 472-7752

Sewer (limited)

Pine Meadows Utilities (Houston Creek Landing only)
Phone: (888) 519-4719
Fire Department

Station 21 Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a safer environment within our community and to provide for an increase in quality of life which our citizens and guest may enjoy. The fire department will strive to provide a wide range of programs and services designed to protect the lives and property of the people of the fire district and guest from the adverse effects of fire, medical emergencies or exposure to dangerous conditions created by either man or nature.

Hellsgate Fire District

Phone (928) 474-3835

Police Department

In an effort to best serve residents, reduce agency expenses, and maximizeefficeiency the Towns of Star Valley and Payson have an Inner Government Agreement (IGA) to share law enfocement services.The Town of Payson (TOP) provides policing and animal control to the residences and businesses of Star Valley through an annual contract with TOP.

Payson Police Department Mission Statement:

It is the mission of the Payson Police Department to provide the highest quality of police services to our community. It is our responsibility to insure that the people we serve can feel safe in their homes, at their places of employment, in our schools and wherever they may travel with the Police Department service areas.

Police Department

Phone (928) 474-5177

Rabies Control:

Rabies Control provides rescue and humane care to protect the health, safety and welfare of animals and people in Star Valley and enforce Local Ordinances and State laws that pertain to domestic animals.

Animal Control – Police Department

Phone (928) 474-5177



Local Newspaper: Payson Roundup

The Rim Country’s News and Information Source

Phone (928) 474-5251


About Rim Country Chamber of Commerce:

Rim Country Chamber of Commerce represents Payson, Star Valley, Pine, Strawberry, Kohl’s Ranch, Tonto Village, Young and Christopher Creek. In addition we assist businesses located in Happy Jack, Rye, Gisela and Forest Lakes. As a certified visitor center with the Arizona Office of Tourism, we are open 300 days a year, Monday – Friday 9am-5pm & Saturday 10am-2pm. Our visitor center is primarily staffed with volunteers who care about people and the health of our business community. The Chamber is run by a paid staff of 3 who report to a board of seven volunteers from the business community. We were established for the purpose of advancing the working partnership of businesses, to enhance the ability of our members to conduct their individual business successfully and to improve the economic well-being of all residents in the Rim Country and surrounding areas.

Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce, AZ

Phone # (928) 474-4515

Senior Center

Payson Senior Center Mission:

The mission of the PAYSON SENIOR CENTER is to assist senior citizens in the Payson area in achieving and maintaining self-sufficiency with dignity and to offer choices of appropriate care by providing a wide range of community and home based services.​

Payson Senior Center
Phone # (928) 474-4876

The Town of Star Valley and the Payson Senior Center partner to provide Meals on Wheels and Senior Ridership programs to Star Valley residents. If you would like more information on these services, please contact either the Town Hall or Payson Senior Center.



The Town of Star Valley regulates business activity within in the Town and insures compliance with local taxing laws, zoning compliance, and sign regulation. The Town insures both residential and commercial property owners are utilizing their property in accordance with zoning and building regulations and Town Ordinances. Star Valley lies within Gila County which regulates floodways and sewer/septic systems within the Town. Additional information regarding zoning, building, and Town Ordnances can be found at the below link as well as additional resources provided by Gila County.

Star Valley Planning and Zoning

Floodplain – Gila County

Phone # (928) 474-9276

Gila County Health Services

Phone # (928) 474-7181

Town of Star Valley